“Bahá'u'lláh once compared the coloured people to the black pupil of the eye surrounded by the white. In this black pupil you see the reflection of that which is before it, and through it the light of the Spirit shines forth. In the sight of God colour makes no difference at all, He looks at the hearts of men. That which God desires from men is the heart...”

9 Love Letters to God 


Life, Love, Struggle, Faith, Surrender & Bliss

A Series of Love Letters, Prose and Poems 
Written to the Divine Messenger of God 
for this Day

"Lean in close now my friend. "

"And stop all that chatter or you might miss it." 

"Just listen." 

Come with us as we take a journey with two members of the group Sistahs Holding Strong (4by9).  These women also embrace the coveted crown and designation as Pupils of the Eye,  a title given them by an all-loving Creator.  

Our writers, Debbie Kirton and Loretta Crosby, have extended a special invitation to you to gather ‘round, sit in and maybe even takes some notes as they go at it, back and forth with each other, “vying” for their Father’s love.


“Mom, Deb is pulling my hair again…Tell her to stop messin’ wit me.”


"Now don't you girls go fightin. Yah Father will be home soon and I don't wanna haf to fill him in. Y'all stop all that nonsense now and be good... When ya gon learn that fightin won't help nothin'." 


“Well Mom, she started it!” 


“No I didn’t. You know you started it….” 


“You girls just wait…just wait till you Father gits home!” 


Thing is.. these sistahs are now grown! And still going at it. Deb writes a letter and her good friend Lo feels compelled to respond. And then Deb responds to the response,  and before long,  well – you know -- the whole situation just kinda got outta hand. 


But you and I both know that there ain't no need in having a good fight if you got no witnesses…which is why the two sistahs have graciously agreed to let you sit in on all the ruckus… 


You’ll get to hear all their ranting and ravings as they comment on and try to learn about the meaning of life; you'll get to be a part of their private love letters to God. Love letters—which you will discover—just as they have—that as we live, love, struggle, and gain faith, we can slowly approach that ultimate surrender, and beyond that, maybe even taste some of heaven’s bliss. 


“What’s that?” 


“Can you speak up. I can just barely hear ya!” 


“…Say that again.” 


It was then that I heard one of the Sistahs say: 


What I said was… 


If you scared, say ya scared!” 


Oops… that's my cue. Time to get outta the way-- 


Let the games begin. 


And may the best…oh, I mean… may all the lovers of God win! 




The First 9 Love Letters to God



  1. Living the Life You Were Created to Live
    Pupil of the Eye--a title of honor bestowed on persons of African descent by Baha'u'llah, prophet-founder of the Baha'i Faith. Our Excellence in All Things series features arts and, literature and crafts created by persons of African descent.
  2. Vying
  3. And the Conversation Continues
  4. Sudden Bliss
  5. Souls Alighting His Path
  6. O Counsellor My Sistah Friend
  7. Mirror Image
  8. Running from DK
  9. A Wail of the Chance




So where might the other letters be? 


Oh.. sorry…they haven’t been written yet. These women just got started vying in May. So what’s your rush? Have you read the first two letters to God and their responses yet? And if you have, might I ask you this: 'Why are you so hungry to see blood so early in the game?' Hasn't the Man already whipped up on the  sistahs enough already? :)- 


Be patient. The letters will come in God’s good time. 


There is, however, one way to be informed when next these two fierce lionesses enter the arena again for battle in pleasing their Lord. 


Just add your name to our free newsletter list and we will FedEx to your email address any updates to the site (and this page) in the future. 


In the meantime, check out these other writings by the Pupils and SHS members:

Deb's Reflections  l  Lo's Poetry 



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