“Bahá'u'lláh once compared the coloured people to the black pupil of the eye surrounded by the white. In this black pupil you see the reflection of that which is before it, and through it the light of the Spirit shines forth. In the sight of God colour makes no difference at all, He looks at the hearts of men. That which God desires from men is the heart...”

Living The life You Were Created To Live


Love Letter #1

I am dying.  It is a reality that has come sharply into focus for me today.  This is not a sad or negative thing because it is a reality that holds true for each of us.  The only difference is that I am now taking this reality, embracing it and making it a vibrant fulfilling part of who I am in learning to live the life I was created to live.

Everyday when I open my eyes and breathe without any conscious awareness, I am advancing the death of my old self, because with every sunrise I am given a new opportunity to confront my fears, anxieties, jealousies, desires and disappointments, and in doing so, ask this simple question: What life lesson is the Creator showing me so that I can discover the life He intended for me to live fearlessly and passionately? 


With this question comes the birthing of the noble person who resides within me and who has always been there regardless of where I was living, who was in my life and what struggles I was engaged in battling.  This noble creature is as fragile and dependent on the presence of love as a newborn baby on its mother's love.  Today, for the first time in my life, the truth of the universal principle that governs all of creation became my awakening – that I am a whole and complete person with all the spiritual coding needed to discover that life my Creator has been patiently holding within my grasp, knowing that one day I would find the courage to reach out and embrace it with gratitude and passion. 

This is why I know that I am dying.  Dying to the negative mental messages I have been playing for the past 40 years, messages that have held me back from daring to put my arms and heart around the divine truth that I was created to live a life that is richly coloured with brush strokes of calm confidence, bone-deep conviction that “only that which profiteth me shall befall me”, unshakable courage that allows me to step out into every aspect of life’s calling with a certainty that the shoulders of my ancestors are carrying meabove and through the struggles of this world.

A life that assures me that the possibility of love lies in every sincere action of service to those who may cross my path; a life that guarantees me walking a path of compassion, understanding, gentleness, contentment and light when I begin knocking down the walls of doubt, pessimism and neediness which have locked my heart away from experiencing its own real beauty and strength. The life that has been mine for the taking is now screaming my name and urging me to step into its waiting light by taking a deep cleansing breath and dying to what I used to be and coming into what I was always meant to be: 


A beautiful, aware, honest, natural and giving handmaiden who seeks first to honour all that is within her that has been gifted by the Hand of the Creator, and in so doing, give back to the world a life worthy of mention

I shall no longer downplay my brilliance for fear of offending others;  I shall no longer shy away from my life’s calling because of guilt in not being what others have decided for me;  I shall no longer aim to please the wishes of others unless they are the wishes of my heart's calling; 


I shall no longer look for a peace and fulfillment outside of me, but stand still and fearlessly demand of life that it shines a light so bright that every shadow and void within me can be filled from the richness which was always to be found inside of me.


Love is the path I actively choose to walk – love of the divine beauty within me; love of a body that is perfectly formed just for me; love of the noble person I feel, every day, emerging from the chaos and wonder of what is my life; love of gratitude for every want I ever had that was denied me by the protection of the only Love there IS, God’s Love; love of every person who has caused me pain and frustration, because I now know, without a doubt, the type of person I shall not become; love of dreams waiting to become a reality.

Yes, dying can be a bittersweet process leading you on to a place more magnificent that your wildest dreams…. Living the life you were created to live! 


            afraid to step out and fly to a world beyond this lie? 

just you try! 

see the butterfly 

crawling not he but soaring and free! 


          i can see you fly          

          just you try! 

like the butterfly 

fearing no more but dancing and carefree! 


                                                    - debbie kirton; 8 may 05, barbados -

Copyright 2005 Debbie Kirton. All Rights Reserved.

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