“Bahá'u'lláh once compared the coloured people to the black pupil of the eye surrounded by the white. In this black pupil you see the reflection of that which is before it, and through it the light of the Spirit shines forth. In the sight of God colour makes no difference at all, He looks at the hearts of men. That which God desires from men is the heart...”



Love Letter #8


Running from DK  



Her danger lies

in focused eyes

that see only,

reflect only Him.


Her soul as old as dust

on the Mediterranean sea

and like the body of those

visiting the sands of Akká

one becomes blessed

by the sheer knowledge of her deeds.


My challenge to her

not an easy one

nor one that I would have accepted

had the shoe been on the other feet.


But she did, accepted it--


she did it not because

she had to

but mainly, I suspect, because

she wears her love for all to see

and offers her wisdom--

almost free.



I had offered

to acquiesce if she

was any good at

dispensing advice

to those already in the grave.


Without batting an eye--

I had no chance

of continuing to

serve my ego

for the deal was sealed

the stage set.


Now if I can only

get her to agree that

I said I would

follow her advice

just through birthday month,

not the whole d… year!

2007 June 05 Loretta Crosby

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