“Bahá'u'lláh once compared the coloured people to the black pupil of the eye surrounded by the white. In this black pupil you see the reflection of that which is before it, and through it the light of the Spirit shines forth. In the sight of God colour makes no difference at all, He looks at the hearts of men. That which God desires from men is the heart...”

Vying with My Sister for Our Father's Love ... 


Love Letter #2--A Response


He went higher and higher and higher and high…

–From Badí by Grant Hindin Miller in Songs for the Martyrs CD-


Part 1 


Just look at you now…

Does this mean you will accept all future

appointments from the Concourse on High?


Just you try. Just you try —

While waiting to hear His voice

I, too, experienced the fog,

Playing at this materialistic game

Wasting my Father’s time, my own


And I heard him whisper

            as I boarded the plane

                         “My claim on thee is great, it can not be forgotten.” 


What is this claim

that hangs in my mind

giving me reason to pause

For isn’t this life

my own, and did not You say

                         free will is king, is king?


The older I grow, the more I know

            my independence is framed

                         only by His Remembrance

Without that dominance

            There is no “beach” in my life

                         And my back is always to the water.


And what is that rush

            the sound almost like a tidal wave

as suddenly I realize that

                                      though I cannot swim

                                                   there is no need to run

For it is only my Father come to collect

            what he left

                         come to prune this flower in His Garden

                                      to ready it for movement to higher ground.


That I belong to Him,

    Have always been His

            Is no longer in dispute

                         For He is closer to me than my jugular vein.


“Surely in remembrance of Him all hearts are comforted…

comes the refrain

                             as my mind slips back and

             I hear the Master saying

                                             “The Temple is already built...”

as he laid the cornerstone           

                                             for the Mother Temple of the West


My work on this plane, placed squarely

in my breast at the moment of conception

(And I curse my faith—at the almost half century waste.

                  Why has it taken so long for me to embrace my fate?)


Part Two

Now back to you

            And the letter you wrote to Him –

Just for the record, Debbie Joon,

            We have always known your brilliance          

                         And the only offense has been your

                                    Seeming unawareness of it     

                                         Your reluctance to acknowledge this

                                                                strategically placed Gift.


And yes seeking peace outside of        

            The knowledge of self is as fruitless

                         As pursuing happiness outside

                                      The parameters of obedience to His decree.

Enlightenment now within our reach

            As we submit to our longing             

                         To be free, a desire finally consummated

                                      In our twin duties as believers—that of

Recognition of the Divine Manifestation   

            For this day and

                         Complete obedience to His Laws,

                                                                            His way.

It is now June, and in May I watched

            My niece and nephew walk across the same stage

                         Both eager to grab the diploma and           

                                      Ready to enter the University to earn     

                                                   A more “advanced” degree

And now I am blessed to receive your letter,

            A discourse on how to embrace your

                         Life’s calling, a calling so subtle

                                      Yet so intense, sweet

And when you realize that if you are not

            Careful, that gift shall be taken away                  

                         And granted to those   

                                      Who move, not when they hear His words,

                                                 But at the mere scent of His garment 

                                                         As His fragrance precedes

                                                                  His approach to their door…

My prayer is that you will not forget your words, or

            How easy it is to serve once the 

                         Surrender takes place

                                      Which allows God’s brilliance

                                              To be manifested in you, not just once, but

                                                 throughout all eternity’s morning’s dew.

So let us vie for our Father’s love

            As each letter you write

                         In remembrance of Him

                                      Becomes multiplied by two.

My promise is this—

            When you praise Him openly

                         I will praise Him too

That others might sense, feel, know our love

            That they might grasp that handmaidens,

                         Like saints, are not born but          

                                      Molded whole by acts of

Sacrifice, commitment, faith and love

     And even more by the courage 

          to overcome the “natural inertia” 

                        that weighs us down.

When the most important work comes 

            We let go the important one...

              When the birds wake us with their song

                           We realize all His creatures are in tune        

                                      With his requirements

            And we thank Him for removing the    

                   Veils obstructing our own ability to see.

As I await your next letter

            And a summons to duplicate His Praise ---



I remain in His Service,



Your Best Friend in the whole of the

Auston Grove Subdivision                                      


P.S. Did I mention to you, Deb, that 

"His fragrant breaths diffused in Eastern lands could well
 to sick ones in the West restore their sense of smell
From Gems of Divine Mysteries 

Allah-u-Abhá and Warm Greetings

Copyright 2005 Loretta Crosby. All Rights Reserved.

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